[Dr hab. Eugene Kaciak]

     Dr hab. Eugene Kaciak

Brock University

Goodman School of Business
St. Catharines, Ontario
Canada, L2S 3A1

·  Professor of Management

·  Dr hab. (Kozminski University) Warsaw, Poland

·  Ph.D. (Warsaw School of Economics)

·  M.Sc. Economics (Warsaw School of Economics)

·  Office: Taro Building TA345

·  Phone: (905) 688-5550 Ext. 3902; Fax: (905) 688-9779

·  E-mail: ekaciak@brocku.ca


Recent awards:

·         2018 Best Conceptual Paper Award at the Annual Conference of Small Business Institute held in Corpus Christi, Texas, February 14-17: D.H.B. Welsh and E. Kaciak, "Female Entrepreneurship: A Model of Business-Family Interface and Performance".

·         2017 Best Paper Award Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy Conference, Lisbon, June 28-30: Welsh D.H.B., Kaciak, E., Shamah, R., and Hoy, F. “Determinants of women entrepreneurs’ firm performance in a challenging environment: evidence from Egypt”.

·         2017 The Departmental Researcher of the Year Award winner: Department of Finance, Operations, and Information Systems (FOIS) - Dr. Eugene Kaciak.

·         2015 The Best Track Presenter Award: Kaciak, E., Sagan, A. “A motivation-based segmentation of cigarette smokers: implications for improving antismoking campaigns.” The Academy of Business and Retail Management 3rd International Academic Conference in Paris (IACP), 10-11 August 2015, pp. 20-21, Paris, France.

·         2015 The Distinguished Empirical Paper Award: Welsh, D.H.B., Memili, E., Kaciak, E., Zhou, Q. (2015). “The Impact of family and personal dynamics on Chinese women entrepreneurs’ firm performance: An empirical analysis.” 39th Proceedings of the Small Business Institute (SBI), St. Pete Beach, FL, February 11-15.

·         2013 Best Paper Award: Welsh, D.H.B., Memili, E., Kaciak, E., Sadoon, A. A. “Saudi Women Entrepreneurs: a Growing Economic Segment”, the 2013 Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA) Annual Conference-Plenary Sessions, Valencia (Spain) July 9-11, 2013.


Forthcoming and recent publications (since 2013-):

Chapters in Books

Kaciak, E., Sagan, A. (2013). Non-symmetrical Correspondence Analysis of Abbreviated Hard Laddering Interviews, [in:] Lausen, B., Van den Poel, D., Ultsch, A. (eds.) Algorithms from and for Nature and Life; Classification and Data Analysis Series: Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization, pp. 457- 464, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, ISBN 978-3-319-00034-3.


Papers in Refereed Journals

Welsh, D.H.B., Kaciak, E., Memili, E, Minialai, C.  (2018). Business-Family Interface and the Performance of Women Entrepreneurs: The Moderating Effect of Economic Development, International Journal of Emerging Markets (forthcoming).

Welsh, D.H.B., Kaciak, E., Trimi, S. and Mainardes, E. (2017). Women Entrepreneurs and Family Firm Heterogeneity: Evidence from an Emerging Economy, Group Decision & Negotiation. Published online 29 August, 2017, 1-21.

Welsh, D.H.B., Kaciak, E., Memili, E, Zhou, Q. (2017). Work-Family Balance and Marketing Capabilities as Determinants of Chinese Women Entrepreneurs’ Firm Performance, Journal of Global Marketing, 30(3), 174-191.

Welsh, D.H.B., Kaciak, E., Thongpapanl, N. (2016). Influence of stages of economic development on women entrepreneurs’ startups, Journal of Business Research, 69(11), 4933-4940.

Welsh, D.H.B., Memili, E., Kaciak, E. (2016). An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Family Moral Support on Turkish Women Entrepreneurs, Journal of Innovation and Knowledge, 1(1), 3-12.

Welsh, D.H.B., Kaciak, E., Minialai, C. (2017). The Influence of Perceived Management Skills and Perceived Gender Discrimination in Launch Decisions by Women Entrepreneurs, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 13(1), 1-33.

Cieslik, J., Kaciak, E., Thongpapanl, T. (2015). Effect of Export Experience and Market Scope Strategy on Export Performance: Evidence from Poland, International Business Review, 24(5), 772-780.

Kaciak, E., Cullen, C., Sagan, A.  (2015). A comparison of full and abbreviated formats of hard laddering, Journal of Customer Behaviour, 14(3), 191-214.

Cieslik, J.,Kaciak, E. (2014). Impact of Export Dynamics on a Firm’s Growth, Journal of Management and Business Administration. Central Europe. 23(3), 18-36.

Welsh, D.H.B., Kim, G., Memili, E., Kaciak, E. (2014). The Influence of Family Moral Support and Personal Problems on Firm Performance: the Case of Korean Women Entrepreneurs, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 19(3), 1-17.

Welsh, D.H.B., Memili, E., Kaciak, E., Sadoon, A. A. (2014). Saudi Women Entrepreneurs: a Growing Economic Segment, Journal of Business Research, 67(5), 758-762.

Memili, E., Welsh, D.H.B., Kaciak, E. (2014). Organizational Psychological Capital of Family Franchise Firms through the Lens of the Leader-Member Exchange Theory, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 21(2), 200-209.

Welsh, D.H.B., Memili, E., Kaciak, E., Ochi, M. (2014). Japanese Women Entrepreneurs: Implications for Family Firms, Journal of Small Business Management, 52(2), 286-305.

Kaciak, E., Sagan. A. (2013). Analysis of Means-End Structures Emerging from Abbreviated Hard Laddering Interviews, Cracow Review of Economics and Management, 904, 5-18.

Welsh, D.H.B., Memili, E., Kaciak, E., Ahmed, S. (2013). Sudanese Women Entrepreneurs, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 18(2), 1-18.



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