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A Collection of Useful Internet Resources
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Searching through the Internet for resources for your classroom can be very time consuming and frustrating. This page was designed to help teachers incorporate the Internet in their Junior or Intermediate mathematics classrooms.

For those who have experience searching through the Internet for mathematics activities please continue on below in the annotated explorations. Others are invited to sample some specific pages that could be implemented in your classroom tomorrow. Please click on the highlighted text to visit the site. Directly below are 5 resource examples that may be found on the Internet.

  1. Game -- Play with the Towers of Hanoi! Click on the buttons with the angle brackets that indicate the direction and number of pegs of the move. Change the number of disks and your number of moves will be recorded each time.
  2. Lesson Plan -- Scroll down and click on See the Lesson Plan under Lesson One (of six) regarding problem solving.
  3. Math History -- Attaching a face or a story to a mathematical concept may draw some students in. Check out Pythagoras here.
  4. Interactive Activity -- In the yellow window on the left, scroll down and click on X-Intercept and watch what happens to the equations below as you manipulate the line.
  5. Problem & Solution -- Find the area of the shaded region. Go through the solution and enjoy the poetry!

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The Internet can definitely supplement mathematics lessons or be used to teach some specific concept or idea. The Math Forum proved to be the most useful when considering its well organized wealth of information, opportunities and connections to other useful sites.
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