ERSC2P16 Sedimentology
Introduction to Clastic Sedimentology

Welcome to the web pages for ERSC 2P16 Introduction to Clastic Sedimentology which is offered at Brock University. Material here is intended for students in the course or APGO applicants who are preparing for the "Sedimentation Technical Exam" (and have made arrangements with APGO to do so) but if you are surfing please help yourself.

The course notes are available in PDF format on the Course Notes Web Page

Click here to obtain two examples of past final exams for this course.

The following links are to powerpoint presentations used in all lectures.

Chapter 1
Introduction to clastic sedimentology

Chapter 2
Grain size and grain size distributions, grain shape, porosity, permeability and fabric

Chapter 3
The classification of terigenous clastic rocks.

Chapter 4
Fluid flow and sediment transport under unidirectional flows.

Chapter 5.
Bed form under unidirectional flows; Bed forms stratification under unidirectional flows.

Chapter 6
Bed forms and stratification under oscillatory and combined flows (abbreviated version).

You can print the powerpoint slides out as handouts by downloading the file (right-click on the above link), loading the file into Powerpoint on your computer and following the instructions outlined here

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